My research interests revolve around creativity, design and technology in education (both as individual constructs and the intersection). Much of my recent work has focused around “trans-disciplinary” creativity, or creative cognitive skills that span disciplines.

My scholarship is driven by some key questions: What is the role of creativity in teaching and learning? What is involved in teaching creatively, or teaching for creativity? What role does technology play in these processes? How do we evaluate creative outputs in educational contexts? And, how does design (or design thinking) lead to creative education outputs or support teacher creativity? My interest in issues of creativity, design, and technology, synergistically drive my research and practice as a faculty member and educator. My goal is to develop new knowledge and also mentor the next generation of scholars to influence practice and to inform policy. I emphasize use-inspired research seeking to maximize its impact for both academic and practitioner audiences. Thus, I position my work for a wide audience of scholars, teachers, learners, teacher educators, and educational leaders.

For a better sense of my past and current scholarship and interest, or to access publications (with full-text is linked if available) please feel free to visit my Curriculum Vitae.