My study of creative teachers, which I conducted a few years back as my dissertation, has finally published as an article in Teachers College Record (these things can take a while to make it to publication). 🙂 My excellent coauthor was writing/research partner-in-crime, Dr. Punya Mishra.

Doing this study put my in a position to speak to some of the best and most noted teachers in the country, which was not only a privilege, it was inspiring and fascinating. Their work was cross-disciplinary, rooted in real world applications of learning, innovative and effective, and it spanned a variety of contexts and types of students and settings.

The article can be found via TC Record here (though to get the full version beyond the abstract, you have to go through an institutional subscription, or at least signup for the free online subscription):

Henriksen, D., & Mishra, P. (in press). We teach who we are: Creativity in the lives and practices of accomplished teachersTeachers College Record Volume 117 Number 7, 2015, p. 1–46. ID Number: 17947

A full PDF version can be found here: We Teach Who We Are.