The article series that Punya Mishra, the Deep-Play Group and I have been working on for Tech Trends, has recently concluded its coverage of transdisciplinary thinking skills. So we’ve begun to branch out and explore more interesting new topics, ideas and examples around creativity and technology into this Tech Trends column series.

Around these lines, we have just published a piece with guest authors John Lee (North Carolina State University) and David Hicks (Virginia Tech), around the idea of teaching history through the sensory experience of sound. At the most recent SITE conferences, John gave a truly fascinating presentation about his creative use of technology, to teach history through the idea of soundscapes. It was such an engaging, fresh and aesthetically appealing approach to the content, that we asked him, and his collaborator David Hicks, to work with us and share this idea in our Tech Trends column.

For anyone interested in social studies, history, education, creativity, technology, the sensory experience of sound, or any one/combination of the above topics, you may be interested in checking out this short piece. It’s available here:

Lee, J., Hicks, D., Henriksen, D., & Mishra, P. (2015). Historical soundscapes for creative synthesis. Tech Trends (59)5. 4-8.