Last year, I had the opportunity to co-edit a special issue of the Journal of Technology & Teacher Education, along with Punya Mishra, around the topic of creativity, technology, and teacher education. While there is a fair amount of scholarship dealing with any of those topics individually, finding work at the intersection of these 21st century issues had previously been more difficult. So it was exciting to take a step toward building a collection that spoke to these topics collectively. The articles were all from top scholars at esteemed institutions (from Harvard, to Michigan State University, to University of Wisconsin, Oklahoma State, and several others), which covered a range of research methods, theoretical approaches, and different angles on the intersection of creativity, technology, and teacher education.

We were further honored and excited to recently have this collection of work turned into an eBook from AACE, so that it can be accessed and viewed more widely. For those interested in these topics, you can find the eBook here: